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The eluceo/ical package provides classes to generate .ics files. The iCalendar specification is defined in RFC 5545 and allows sharing calendar information among different systems.

This package gives developers an abstraction, so that no deep knowledge of the iCalendar specification is needed. The classes within the Eluceo\iCal\Domain namespace allow to store the information related to an event in simple PHP objects. These domain objects can be transformed into a PHP representation of the iCalendar file format using the classes in the Eluceo\iCal\Presentation namespace.

The following code shows a minimal example how to render calendar with a single event:

use Eluceo\iCal\Domain\Entity\Calendar;use Eluceo\iCal\Domain\Entity\Event;use Eluceo\iCal\Domain\ValueObject\Date;use Eluceo\iCal\Domain\ValueObject\SingleDay;use Eluceo\iCal\Presentation\Factory\CalendarFactory;
// 1. Create Event domain entity$event = new Event();$event    ->setSummary('Christmas Eve')    ->setOccurrence(        new SingleDay(            new Date(DateTimeImmutable::createFromFormat('Y-m-d', '2030-12-24'))        )    );
// 2. Create Calendar domain entity$calendar = new Calendar([$event]);
// 3. Transform domain entity into an iCalendar component$componentFactory = new CalendarFactory();$calendarComponent = $componentFactory->createCalendar($calendar);
// 4. Set HTTP headersheader('Content-Type: text/calendar; charset=utf-8');header('Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="cal.ics"');
// 5. Outputecho $calendarComponent;